Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Makeover of CAT examination

The common admission Test (CAT) is getting a format makeover.According to a statement released by testing agency prometric and IIMs, the first section will focus on quantitative ability and data interpretation ,while the second will be on verbal ability and logical reasoning. These two sections will be implemented sequentially with separate time limits.Though the number of questions remain the same for 2011,but will have two sections instead of three, and students will get an additional five minutes to tackle them.It will be a 140-minute exam. Candidates will have 70 minutes to answer 30 questions in each section, which will have an on-screen countdown timer. Once the time ends for the first section, they will move on to the second without having the option of being able to go back. Although new in the computer-based version of CAT, this format was previously used in some of the earlier paper-and-pencil years,” the statement, released on Monday, said.The change is vital for the entrance test as admission to IIMs is based on sectional cut-offs. “This move is aimed at being student-friendly. There are many students who lose out on a seat as they would have failed to perform in one of the sections.An additional five minutes have been added to the existing two-and-half hours available to students. This includes a 15-minute tutorial that will guide students through the process. “Considerable effort has been made in maintaining a similar level of difficulty across papers. A small number of statistically and psychometrically validated questions are randomly inserted in each question paper as equating blocks. These will be used to assess post-test equality across the days,
The test, which holds the key to admissions to the 13  premier IIMs and other major B-schools in the country, will be conducted between October 22 and November 18, 2011.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Learning Steps

Three Learning steps
If a man spend his energy in making the best possible use of his abilities, without worrying whether he is First, fifth or tenth his accomplishment is likely to be greater than that of an equally gifted person. The achievement becomes more Significant, if he does not divide those around him treating them as rivals.
Much of our every day action is based on the habit. In our daily work, habit saves time and energy. Our friendliness towards our work becomes habitual. And when the work feels like a natural action, thus prompting us to say, it was the only natural for me to act like that”. What we actually learned through consistent practice. Therefore, first decide to form a new habit and then start with real determination to work towards your goal.
Recently, I was watching Mr. Amitabh Bachhan Interview on television. A Journalist asked him “How you are managing to twits 3-4 times every day and writing blog every day? He replied “since it is my habit so it happens every day without extra effort.” It means a person should develop habit of study, habit of work, habit of reading news paper, Magazine etc.It must be part of everyday life as it makes things easier and Simpler.
Success or Failure depends upon man’s own exertions. The more you strive, the greater will be your progress ‘ A ceaseless endeavors is regained to develop a new habit. Do not allow any exceptions to occur until the new habit is well developed.
To be continue….

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mathematics Teacher : A challenging work ahead.

A mathematics is a key subject for almost every examination in which there are many challenges. Some of these challenges are in part due to the shortage of good mathematics teachers at high school level in India has been a problem over a long period.The most of the existing mathematics teacher imparting the knowledge from the books without having any innovation and understanding. This has resulted in pupils reaching the higher grades without a sound mathematics foundation. The shortage of well qualified graduates in mathematics is having an adverse effect on business and industry and undermines the country’s economic growth and global competitiveness. Most of the students trying to take admission in private poor engineering colleges ,but they do not want to persue their study in good colleges of Delhi university .The teaching of mathematics is therefore a priority area and there is a great need for well qualified, innovative and dedicated mathematics teachers. Professional mathematics teachers must not only be able to have a thorough understanding of mathematics but they must also be able to use a variety of learning and teaching approaches and methods to help their students develop a sound understanding of mathematical concepts. Mathematics teachers have to be good communicators and be able to explain things simply and clearly. It is critical that the teacher is in touch with the student’s starting point and that s/he understands why a student’s solution to a problem is incorrect so that s/he is able to guide students to find acceptable ways of solving mathematical problems.

Friday, May 27, 2011


arbindsingh: ALERT: Andhra Pradesh hit a jackpot on Wednesday, bagging five of the top ten ranks in the entrance examination. In 2010, the state had bagged seven of the top 10 ranks.

I Prudhvi Tej from West Godavari district scored the first rank in the examination. Other rank holders from the state include V Shaimak Reddy (3rd), B Saikiran (4th), T Bhargava Reddy (8th) .A jubilant Prudhvi Tej said he stuck to his study schedule, skipped the state engineering entrance and aimed only at a good rank in IIT.
IIT-JEE experts said that students from the state perform well in the examination as they grasp the basic format of the (JEE) question paper.
Explaining the 2011 success, JEE teachers said that this year, too, it was the Mathematics paper that helped students climb the rank ladder. AP students are traditionally good at Mathematics and score higher than their compatriots from other states.They start preparing right from class VI, as it refereed in TOI. Strange !

"Like last year, the mathematics paper was tough in JEE-2011. This could have worked in favour of the students from the state many of whom have scored well in the subject. The saying is if Chemistry is tough, students from other states score well and if the Math paper is tough we score better," explained an IIT expert.

Always mathematics play a vital role in selection of almost every competitive examination.
remain focused on mathematics....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Result Analysis

Hi! everyone ! it is aftermath of iit result which is published two yesterday ! many dreams came true while thousands of aspirants are remain wondered ! somehow our education system is responsible for this effective Trumaine . it need revolution for changes.even iit question setter has not worked like their reputation as result of which 12 marks they have to awarded to everyone. this makes lot of difference.